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Get ready to blast your technical career into outer space

For every developer, engineer, and CEO who has been told that they’re just not that creative, we’re here to help you prove that great design can come from anywhere. If you’re determined to create great user experiences that are built to last, we’ve got the method to make it happen. Sign up for our next signature course today!

because user experience is not art, it’s a science


 Lesson Number One: Experiences are designed, not created. It’s an important distinction. It means that an experience is a formula, not just a fancy buzzword. It means that your users are people you study, not people you second guess.

It also means that having the technical skills required to build an app means you have the foundation of how to design them.

RKT JMP is a resource for developers looking to up their technical game with solid user experience design foundations. Courses focus on expanding your technical arsenal with user experience design fundamentals and proven strategies that anyone can deploy in their next project.



User Experience Workshop

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Have you ever wondered why some applications seemingly blow up overnight … only to Google it and get lost in a bunch of design mumbo jumbo? Get ready for this interactive weekend session where you’ll gain design insight about how some software applications make it big and the steps you can take to get there too.





    Gabe Wong, is a lot of things: founder and CEO of Studio C&G Inc., a UX X-to-theP-Expert, software engineer, developer, designer, and an all-around go getter. 

    Gabe started his career as a software developer working on building process simulation software before working on the user interfaces of Windows, web-based, and smartphone applications. He has worked on designs to be consumed by engineers, financiers, management, and everyday human beings.

    He’s had the pleasure of working with companies like Alberta Treasury Branch, Contact Financial, the Star Valley group of companies, and Stream Services.


    be more than just a technical expert

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